When Facebook page or brand run Facebook Ads, there are a lot of potential customer post comments which includes email, phone number and location.

Thi post is step by step guides on how to using free software to collect email, phone number and location of user in mentioned comments. This post is updated on 09/2020.

Following this way, you can collect over thousand lead or potential customer daily. You then can import the lead information into your Email marketign software or your CRM.

You are good in direct sale, conversation skills, your product has advantage feature and price. Just to combine all of your advantages with these data, you then can get new customer and order.

This way seems to be the cheapest way to find new potential customer as customer now are on Facebook or Social Network. This is also a cheap and effective way if you want to sell something in oversea market.

Free software to collect email and phone on facebook Page

You will need to use both of these software:

  1. Facepager: It is free. You use this software to extract all comments on the pages you want. The download link is here: Link . All comments, for example, 10,000 comments will be saved as .csv file. You then use the Google Sheet mention below.
  2. Google Sheet File template: It is free, too. Using this template to filter the information below in all comments:
    • Facebook User name: knowing the name of users help you to be more friendly when email or calling to potential customer.
    • Phone number: it is availbale if it is includeing in user comment.
    • Telecomunication provider name: The google sheet is auto recognized the name of telecommunication provider. If you lives in a country which having multiples Telecommuncation, It will help you when choosing simcard to make a call.
    • Email : it is availbale if it is includeing in user comment.
    • Địa điểm: it is availbale if it is includeing in user comment.
    • Comment Link facebook: ( having this help you to be easier to send a friend request to your potential customer. )
    • Comment: The whole content of comment. This may show their detail interested.
    • Brand/page: It is page name or branding. This help you to manage what and where your data come from.
    • Comment time: Relying on this help you know the time user are interested in something.
    • Collect date: Relying on this help you to answer questions such as “What I have collectted from …day to …another day?”, “How many new leads my team have collected in a specify period?”.

The screenshot below are all informations which Google Sheet template can extract

File Google Sheet lấy email và số điện thoại trên Facebook

How to use free software to collect email and phone on Facebook page.

Below are step by step guide on how to use free software to collect email and phone on Facebook page.

Step 1: Watching the video tutorial.

This video is a detailed tutorial. You should watch it in order to know what is the final output/results you can have.

To skip this step if If you have already watched it.

Step 2: Download Facepager and to save your result as .CSV file

Again, you can download the software at this Link

You need to use Facepager influence and to export your result as a .csv file.

If you computer doesn’t have a high RAM or doesn’t strong enough, It is recommend that you should select a short period when using Facepager. For example, on every page which you want to extract the comments, you should select the period less than 6 months.

Please re-watched the aboved video if you don’t know how to extract a .csf file from Facepager software.

Step 3: Get a free permission to use Google Sheet template

After having a .csv file which exported from Facepager, you need to use Google Sheet template to filter your expectation information.

To get a a copy of Google Sheet template, let fill on the form below. As soon as you submited the form, the system will auto generate a file and share it to your email. Please double check to make sure that you input the valid email address as the system can not create a file and share it to invalid email.

The screenshoot below describes the email which you will receive as soon as you make a form submition.

Nội dung email sau khi điền form
As soon as you make a subvmition, your email will be granted to access the google sheet file.

Step 4: Import file .csv into Google Sheet template which has granted to your email

Open the Google Sheet file which you have access permission, then go to Sheet/Tab: 2_IMPORT .CSV FILE HERE ,. After that, just import the .csv file into this tab. ( see below screenshoot)

Sau bước này, dữ liệu của bạn đã sẵn sàn để lấy email và số phone về.

Here are detailed guides on how to use all the tabs/sheets in Google Sheet file.

There are 05 tabs in Google Sheet template file.

Tab 1: 1_PAGE INFO: On every page you would like to collect data, you must input page information into this Tab. It helps you know where does your data collect from.

You do this only once time on each page you want to collect data.

Tab 2: 2_IMPORT .CSV FILE HERE: this tab is where you import that .csv file which you have exported from Facepager.

Tab 3: 3_INPUT: This is where you paste the data after making copies it from Tab 2: 2_IMPORT .CSV FILE HERE.

It is recommand that you should copy less than 5000 rows on every time.

Start row to paste data is 3.

Tab 4: 4_OUTPUT: Here is where you get the results.

After paste data into Tab 3, your result will be appearing here.

Tab 5: 5_SAVE: This is where you should save your result, then copy new data from Tab2 and paste into Tab 3.

Step 5: Saving the results and to repeat the process for new facebook page.

From here you now know How to use Free software to collect email and phone on Facebook Page.

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