Tạo nhiều bài viết lên nhiều mạng xã hội từ file Google Sheets của bạn

Hướng dẫn chi tiế cách tạo nhiều bài viết lên nhiều mạng xã hội từ File Google Sheets bằng cách sử dụng phần mềm miễn phí: SocialSheet . Các mạng xã hội hỗ trợ gồm: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram.

Create posts to multiple social network from your Google Sheet

All the posts will be created under your own social network account. When success posting, the post links will be written into your google sheets file.

Firstly, let you check out how does the add-on work by watching this video. If you have watched it, let you skip it and move to the next step.

Step 1- Get Google Sheet template of Add-ons

To make thing easier, you first should make a copy of this google sheet template and to set up everything on your file.

Below are screenshoot of this steps.

Step 2- Get Free key of SocialSheet

SocialSheet is free Add-ons but you need to get your own license key. Just fill in the form below, you then receive email with the free key immediately. See the screenshot for example.

Free Key for SocialSheet Add-ons

After received the key, you need to put your key into cell: A4 of sheet: Key in the new Google sheet file which you just make a copy in previous step. You only need to do this once time.

Location to set the free key for SocialSheet
Put your free Add-ons key into Cell: A3

Step 3- Install the Add-ons from G suite Marketplace

The final step for setting in Add-ons is to install it from G suite market place. Following screenshot below to complete this step.

You just go to end of setting up for the Add-ons. You do above steps only once time.

Step 4- Working with your social account

From now you need to work with your account on every social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest to get your own API key.

For each of social network, you just only do at once time. This is simple task. It’s quite simple. just following the social network rules and get it done.

Basically, You will create your own application on each social network.

Following screenshots below is an example of how to create your application on Twitter and get the API key, then put it into your Google sheet.

The callback url which you need to paste into your Twitter App:

The Website URL which you need to paste into your Twitter App: https://timkhachhang.net

Step 5 – Running the application

Final though

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