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I am a Cloud Tech enthusiast especially when it comes to Google AppSheet, Google Apps Script, Google APIs, Google Workspace and integration process between systems. I started with no background in IT and software development to today where I am a Full Stack developer specializing in Google WS and Cloud.

I first create a Google Apps Script and Appsheet App in 2014. In total, I have developed 80+ AppSheet Apps, 300+ Apps Scripts, and have published two Google Sheets add-ons.

I have been working with business model that rely on the Internet, Mobile devices, and Telecommunications since 2007. I have worked with some major Vietnamese companies, including FPT, VTC, and Momo.

I am a official Appsheet’s partner since 2018. I currently publish Add-ons on the Google WS Marketplace and provide custom automation workflow and integration services to client in US, Canada and other regions. My Add-ons, that are AC2F ,and SocialSheet, have been installed in over 45,000 instances and are used by more than 250+ international business, including Motorola Automation, Nature.com, BG Lawn System, oPX and Tusk Automation. The majority of my business clients operate using Google WS (G Suite Business) and Jobber.com - #1 Field service management software as their platform.

I also own a youtube channel named as hockieumy which have total 07 mil views and more than 26,000 subscribers over time and my website is timkhachhang.net which has garnered over 20,000 users over time.

100% content of youtube channel and Website is produced by myself only. My Web articles are translated into 10 languages and put on the approriate subdomain of my Website.

I am currently a board member of DOWA, a non-profit association which has over 300 members consisting of wood manufacturers and exporters. I am responsible for overseeing digital transformation at DOWA. I am also a visiting teacher at university in Viet nam.

I co-founded a volunteer organization in 2003. It currently active with more than 200 students at the Viet Nam National Economic University and its alumni network.

All the key number mentioned above is updated on Oct, 2023. The access permissions to my channels, such as YouTube, my Website with Google Analytics, and Google Cloud projects, are available upon request.

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Vo Tu Duc

Vo Tu Duc

A Google Developer Expert, Google Cloud Innovator

A Google Developer Expert, Google Cloud Innovator


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Vo Tu Duc
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