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Auto-creating Folders and Files in Google Drive

Saving huge time when working with similar-tasks. One click to Auto-Create folders and files in Google Drive. Let's centralized management your Google Drive folders and files in one Google Sheets.

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Why Users Love to Use AC2F add-ons

Don't waste time creating similar folders/files.
Get an all-in-one Google Sheet to directly build and manage your Google Drive workspace.
Free to download and use
Download directly from Google Workspace. Get free license key via your email.
Auto created mass folders and files
Set up your folder structures once. Then click a button to auto-generate a whole workspace on your Drive.
Well-manage your Google Drive
All information and link to every folder and file are saved in 1 sheet only.
Ready-to-use Google Drive structure
Commonly used Google Drive structures and templates are available.

Auto-Created multiple folders and files

See How It Works

AC2F add-ons help you to automated the boring tasks at work .
Save huge time. Use automation way to manage your Google Drive
1. Download and install
Get AC2F from Google Workspace. Sign up and your license key will be sent to your email. Safe and free!
2. Step-by-step tutorial
You are a first-time user? Our 90 seconds video list is ready to help. You can also read our detailed user guide sent via email.
3. Start building your Google Drive with our template structures.
06 most common folder structures and template files are now available.
alt text
4. Create your own workspace
You can freely create whatever kind of folder and file structures as you want.
5. Navigate all information in 01 tab only
Created date and time, type of file/folder, name, link and even the owner of the files will be displayed in just 1 tab only.
6. Productive people community.
Join the community to gain ideas of utilize AC2F to assist your work and even more creative template files.
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Define structure of folder and files as your demand

Define the directory that you want to create by typing into your Gooogle Sheets, then create the directory in a single-click.


Efficiently manage Google Drive assets


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Satisfaction Rating
Is it free to use?
Yes. It's free to download and use. Just following the guide to get your free license key.
What do you mean by auto-created folders and files on Google Drive?
Just in One-Click, you can auto-create up to 10 folders and files on Google Drive. Just typing the folder name in your Google Sheets and click the button. That's all.
What are some examples of using AC2F add-ons?
To create a new project workspace directory as structed as your definition in a single-click. If you are a recuiter who use google drive to save the potential candidate's profile, you will love AC2F. The current AC2F's users are working from more than 25 difference industries,
How if I want to auto-replace text inside the new Google docs files which created by using AC2F?
Just contact us. We provide the custom service at good rate. Contact us now.
alt text
Jacob Jr
CEO of CoolCompany
AC2F has saved me hours of time, many dollars of labor costs, and several trees-worth of paper. It's easy to get set up. I'm so thankful!

Install Now and Join Our Productive Users

Let AC2F bring automation into your daily tasks and take your efficiency to the next level. Faster, more well-structured.

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