How to auto create folders and files in Google Drive

This is a step-by-step guide on how to Auto create Folders and Files in Google Drive by using Free Google Sheet add-ons.

Auto create Folders and Files add-ons

Auto create folders and Files is a free Google Sheet add-ons. The purpose of this software is to offer Google Drive users a way to auto create a new directory which includes Folders and Files.

From your Google Sheet, just writing down things such as parent folder names, list of sub-folder name, the template files you want to make new copy into new folder and the location where to put new folder into your Google Drive, and hit the “create folders & files” button, you then have a new directory in your Google Drive.

This is a very helpful application in terms of removing the duplication on daily tasks.

It is a must-have Google Sheet Add-ons if your daily tasks is to create the new folders that have similar structure and to create the new files that follow your company template.

This application also helps you to centralized management all files and folders which you create inside your Google Drive.

To know more about how useful this Add-ons is in real scenarios, Let you check out how a furniture company automate folder and files creation on Google Drive.

Following steps below to get the free key, to install and use this free Add-ons.

Auto create a new Google Drive directory just in one click
Auto create a new Google Drive directory just in one click

Step 1: Get free Add-on key

You first need to get free key of Add-ons. To do that, just submit to a form below. You will get your own free key via email, immediately.

The free key will be sent to you email as soon as you make submission.

Step 2: Get a copy of Google Sheet template

To make everything is easier, you should make a copy of template Google sheet.

You can use the template file which has sent to your email after your submission OR you can click here to get once.

Step 3: Put the key into “Setup” sheet

Open your new file which mentioned in step 2.

There are 02 tabs on the file.

First tab/sheet is: Setup and second tab/sheet is Output.

You need to paste your key into Cell: I5 of Set up Tab first. See the image as below.

Paste the free key into Google Sheet template

Step 4: Set up the location of new directory

Where you want to save the new directory which includes folders & files on your Google Drive?

You need to config the location. To do that, Go to the folder where you want to save new directory, copy the (your own) Folder ID then paste Folder ID into cell: F5 of sheet/Tab: Set up.

For example, I need to paste the key: “1Cxdn4Jw7F3a315bYI5Qsu9HmOBXH-Ce0” if I would like to save new directory into folder name: “Location of new directory”
Paste folder ID into Cell F5 Google Sheet Add-on to auto create folders and files

Now, you should give a name for new directory as your expectation.

For example, If you create a directory for new customer which name as “Company A”, let you set the “Company A” into Cell: F7 of Sheet/Tab: Set up.

Write down the name of new directory in to Google sheet Add-ons to auto create new folders & files
Write down the name of new directory into Cell: F7 of sheet: Set up. In my case, I set the name of new directory as “Directory for Project A”

Step 5: Set the list name of sub-folders inside new directory

Which folders and template files you want to create inside the new directory that you just set up its name in step 4?

Let you write folders name into range: B5:B14 on sheet: Set up. You need to set numerical order for each folder that you want to create.

In my case, I would like to create a new directory named as “Directory for project A”. Inside the new directory, I would to create 06 sub-folders which names as “Item 1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3”, “Item 4”, “Item 5”, “Item 6”.

That’s why I write down numerical order from 1 to 6 in range A5:A10.

Set up the list name of folders which will be created inside new directory.

In my case, I also want to create new two files inside new directory. These two files are based on my company template.

Set up the key files in to Google sheet add-on which help to auto create folders and files

The location of first file is inside the folder “Item 1”. For the second file, I want to put it inside folder “Item 2”.

That’s why I write the key file of template 1 into cell: C5 and the key file of template 2 into cell: C6.

Following the row-by-row logic if you want to create more files inside other folder.

If you don’t know what is key file, below are example.

The url/link of my template 1 is:

so, the key file of template 1 is: 1zsO375NjdztsS0BCtivqAxs18qVZpmG1WMCvhMx_RAw

The fact that the template 1 is my company template which help us track the our project’s timeline on every specific project. It includes the gantt chart and other project information.

Final step: Install the app and run the function

Your Google Sheet is now ready to 1-click-to-create new directory with subfolders and files inside.

From your Google Sheet you are working on, click to “Add-ons”, then click to “Get add-ons”. The G-suite marketplace screen will be pop-up.

Now copy this name: Auto create folder & files and paste into search bar of pop-up screen. Click to the App named: Auto create folder & files to install it. After that, the App will be listed on your Add-ons menus. Please remember that, you only do this installation step in once time.

Click here to auto create new directory which includes folders and files. You just install the app once time.

The results: It’s not only a tool for auto creation folders and files

This Google Sheet add-ons is not only a tool for auto creation folders and files but also for centralized managing your Google Docs documents. Let’s see what the results we have.

After running the function, let you navigate to “Output” sheet.

From here, you will see these information are written into Output sheet.

Centralized managing your Google Docs documents with Auto create folders and file Google sheet add-ons
Centralized managing your Google Docs documents with Auto create folders and file Google sheet add-ons

As you can see in screenshoot, there are 05 columns in Output sheet.

The 1st column is the “created date” of documents.

The 2nd column is the “type” of documents. There are three kind of values in this column. They are: “parent folder”, “folder” and “file”. From here it’s easy to filter our document by type.

The 3rd column is the name of folders and files.

The 4th column is the url of folders and files. Having this table helps us to save time on navigation into files and folders.

The 5th column is the user’s email who made folders and files.

Every time you run the app, the new folders and files will be written into “Output” sheet. So you can use “Output” sheet as a centralized dashboard/table to management the basic metadata of your Google Documents.

Final thoughts

If you want to know more about the real scenarios on how to useful this free Add-ons is, let you check out this article which mention how this add-ons help a furniture company to automate creation the customers directory which includes contract, invoice and quotes.

Please drop email to me if you need further helps.

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